Gary Hallberg

Gary Hallberg is a Client Relations Director for Cypress Ascendant Holdings, LLC.  Prior to joining Cypress Ascendant, Mr. Hallberg spent over 40 years honing his skills on the golf course and served as an analyst for CNBC and NBC sports.  He is one of only four players to have won all PGA sponsored tours (PGA, Nationwide, and Champion).  Mr. Hallberg’s journey has allowed him to develop relationships with influential people and leaders in the world.  Mr. Hallberg’s statesmanship, professional skillset, and gentle nature has allowed him to be successful at developing business relationships across a divergent set of industries.

Mr. Hallberg was born in Berwyn, Illinois and received a degree in Communications from Wake Forest University. His passion and philanthropic spirit help shape Cypress Ascendant’s core ethos and drive to invest in those who are helping the world become a better place.