Our Firm

The world is awash with capital. Big ideas, big egos, big failures and sometimes big successes.

Having too much capital available can lead to higher risk, lower returns and a lack of quality risk analysis, as big money overpays for average assets. Cypress Ascendant works to combat this narrative by connecting the right capital with the right companies. To us, this means employing a transparent evaluation process that identifies specific needs, and determining if our capital, resources and network can help to unlock additional value. If we aren’t the right partner, we won’t invest.

Founder Bill Trzos has been utilizing this methodology with his own capital throughout his career and has seen substantial success. As Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner for Cypress Ascendant, he is using his experience, achievements, and failures, to make sound decisions. While other private capital providers are looking for the best possible return based upon traditional performance, we are investing in the potential of the people we know and the businesses they run. We think that’s balance.